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Have E Cigs Become A Lifestyle Accessory?

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Believe it or not, once upon a time smoking wasn’t only amazing but everyone was doing it. Simply look at Mad Men for an example — nearly every character on the 1960’s- one of the largest customers of the advertising agency and set show smokings the show revolves around is the Lucky Strike brand of cigarettes. While this is the case when your parents were not old, more and more signs are pointing to best electronic cigarette taking over as the alternative for young smokers.

While it is still a practice that is relatively new, vaping is catching on at an alarming rate among smokers and much from being a stopping aid, e cigs are more and more finding their market as a more healthy alternative to tobacco. As a result it is gaining more and more interest due to the increased use along with celebrities like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio getting in on the action.

As with virtually anything in the 21stCentury, the star factor is one of the largest endorsements for this reason they’ve arguably become the hottest lifestyle accessory and a product can get. Add to this the various talking points among fellow vapers (‘what e-liquid are you vaping?’, ‘what tank are you currently using?’) and it is no wonder the practice is growing more and more visible. You need just look online to brands such as Vape Super store or on Youtube to see how many stations there are based around vaping mods, flavors, and products, supplying hints, advice and tips to anyone interested.