All You Need To Know About Assignments In Mobile Strike

You will find three kinds of assignment in mobile strike hack no survey. All three offer Items, Resources and Commander XP. Coalition and VIP missions add devotion/funds and VIP assignment add a daily run to get an additional (small) prize.

Hero XP and Resource are honored in multiples of your Stronghold level (see table below).

Multiply your HQ Level by Rss column and the Commander XP to see the benefit at each assignment level.

The level of item given is equivalent to the assignment type. A fundamental assignment can reward a mythical assignment an lvl 6 one, an lvl 1 item. The potential items it is possible to receive are Materials and Mods

As the benefits from assignments increase with hq level, you might want to wait should you be about to update your HQ to use your daily opportunities and coalition opportunities.

Additionally, do not forget the commander XP affects XP rewarded from assignments boost so contemplate using them with the commander XP boost item that is 25% and saving up a number of daily/coalition opportunities.

The time taken to finish an assignment is arbitrary but on average an assignment that is Common takes 4 x as long as a Fundamental assignment. 4 x as long as a Common one, etc. are taken by an unusual assignment

An assignment that is finished will stay eternally until accumulated, but be warned, an uncollected assignment is not going to be replaced with a new one!